Total Strength

Get Massive Gains. Look Muscular, Strong, and Ripped Year-Round.


MC8 BUILD is an 8 Week Total Body Strength Training Program designed to pack on serious muscle while maintaining a ripped and shredded physique.


Hardgainers will benefit from MC8 BUILD by allowing them to finally increase the muscle mass they desire. No more useless cycles of “bulking” and “cutting”. With MC8 BUILD, you will look muscular, strong, and ripped year-round.

Even serious fitness enthusiast will benefit from MC8 BUILD. It’s unique combination of drop-sets, progressive sets, and explosive core shredding movements will force you break through plateaus and experience new gains.


The combinations of heavy strength training exercises and intervals of high intensity conditioning and core movements create a simultaneous muscle building and fat shredding approach. This highly efficient and effective method of training will enhance the performance and increase the results for any individual.

With MC8 BUILD you will create the ideal balance of a muscular build and ripped physique.


Build strong lean muscle and total body strength with this 8 week training program. All workouts, videos, and training guides are instantly accessible from any computer or mobile device. So you can workout anytime, anywhere.

  • 9 Total Body Strength Workouts
  • 93 Videos Demonstrations
  • Mobile Access on Any Device

  • Printable Workout Guides
  • Personal Transformation Tracker
  • 8 Week Workout Schedule

  • Instant Lifetime Access
  • Low One Time Payment
  • Nutrition Guide and Recipes

Chest & Abs Block 1

Legs & Butt Block 1

Arms & Abs Block 1

Back & Shoulders Block 1

Chest & Abs Block 2

Legs & Butt Block 2

Arms & Abs Block 2

Back & Shoulders 2

Total Body

Workout Guides

Schedule & Tracker

Nutrition Guide and Recipes

** Equipment Required **

Light Pair of Dumbbells – Medium Pair of Dumbbells – Heavy Pair of Dumbbells – Bench or Stability Ball – Pull Up Bar – Jump Rope (optional)

Each workout is approximately 20 to 30 minutes in length. The schedule is 3 days of workouts followed by 1 day of rest for 8 weeks.


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