Daily Workouts & Training Programs That Get Results

Why These Are The Most Effective Methods to Build Muscle and Burn Body Fat

These training programs and daily workouts have been specifically designed to build lean muscle and burn body fat simultaneously. They follow the HIBB (High Intensity BodyBuilding) and HIJRT (High Intensity Jump Rope Training) methods and principles that have been proven to get amazing results in less time than other fitness protocols. 

Why You Will Get Results

Faster Fat Burner

With minimal periods of rest between reps and sets, you will remain in a constant state of fat burning. The light weight, high rep strength exercises combined with rapid core strengthening movements will develop lean muscle and get you ripped six pack abs. This non-stop training method has been proven to fire up your metabolism, blast belly fat, and increase calorie afterburn.

Total Body Conditioning

By performing total body movements and targeting multiple muscles at once, the HIJRT and HIBB Training methods of fitness will get you results FAST! This is the ultimate total body training method designed to lose weight, build lean muscle, and carve total body definition.

Cardio & Strength Intervals

The non-stop intervals are the secret to what makes my training programs the fastest and most effective method for fat loss and lean muscle building. By combining conditioning and strength movements, you will achieve greater results in less time than other training programs.

Here's What You Will Get

When you join today, not only will you get instant access to the online Gym with my daily HIBB and HIJRT workouts, but you will also receive all 8 of my at home training programs for FREE. Plus the HI-JRT Quickstart Guide, Daily Meal and Recipe Plan, Progress Trackers, Workout Guides, Schedules, and Exercise Video Library. 

5 New Workouts Each Week

Access To My Daily HIBB and HIJRT Workouts
Bonus Weekend Fitness Challenges
Daily Workout Rep and Set Descriptions
Videos Demonstrations of All Exercises & Movements

Plus 8 Strength Training & Fat Loss Programs


8 Week Muscle Building Program


8 Week Get Shredded Program

JRT Fusion

30 Day Total Body Strength and Fat Loss Program

JRT Strength

60 Day Strength & Conditioning Program

JRT Shred

30 Day Fat Loss & Conditioning Program

JRT XPress

30 Day Total Body Fitness Program


30 Day Six Pack Abs & Core Strengthening Program


40 Day Fitness Program For The Over 40 Athlete

Daily Meal & Nutrition Guide

Healthy Recipes and Daily Meal Options
Muscle Building and Fat Burning Total Body Workouts
Step-by-Step Exercise Demonstration and Follow Along Workout Videos
Printable Daily Workout Guides, Schedules, Progress Trackers, and Resources

Workout Anywhere

All workouts, videos, training guides, and schedules are instantly available from any computer or mobile device by logging into your online account. So you can workout anytime, anywhere.
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